Board of Doctors

Frequently Asked Question's


Board of Doctors is a leading Telemedicine or Online Medical Consultation platform connecting patients with senior Specialist Doctors in India, UK, US, Kuwait, Dubai & Israel without the hassle of waiting for days to get an appointment.
Choose the Specialist Doctor based on the specialty and book an appointment in under 2 minutes. The consultation is done via zoom video conference platform in a private meeting room.

Visit Board Of Doctors , choose Specialty and then choose the Specialist Doctor followed by  the available appointment slot of the Specialist Doctor. Enter the current concern for which appointment is being sought and other basic details of the patient and complete the payment to confirm the appointment.

You will receive an email to login after the booking is confirmed. Once you login, the ‘Update Medical History’ option helps you to share the patient’s prior medical history and to upload medical reports that the patient wants to share with the Specialist Doctor.

Yes. You can book appointments for children on Board Of Doctors. We have some of the best pediatricians on our platform who will  provide expert advice.

Yes. You can reschedule your appointment up to 6 hours prior to the appointment.

You will receive the prescription by email as text and as well as PDF attachment which are issued as per the Telemedicine practice guidelines of MOHFW, Government of India.

The Specialist Doctors providing online consultation on Board of Doctors are the leading Specialists in their respective Specialty. They are senior Doctors with extensive  experience in their respective specialty and are keenly sought after as speakers for various Medical Conferences.