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Dr. Ajay Shridhara Shetty is a Senior Consultant Urologist, Andrologist, and Specialist in Renal Transplantation at Sakra World Hospital, Bangalore, India. He was instrumental in starting the Department of Urology in Bangalore Baptist Hospital in 2010 and subsequently at Sakra World Hospital in 2013. He developed high-quality Urology services at an affordable cost, particularly in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, Renal Transplantation, Endo-Urology, and Urologic Oncology. He also started Female Urology and Andrology services (including male fertility evaluation). He has mentored many undergraduate medical students for three years as an Associate Professor in the International Medical School, Malaysian Science University, and is a recognized Postgraduate guide and DNB course teacher.
Consultation Fee: Rs. 1000

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